Why wait?

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Oh.Its new year today.
Happy 2011.
And i can see lots of statuses in facebook telling people their new year resolution
My question is,why wait till new year to make a new resolution?

If you wanna change, start do changes from today.
If you have something you want to do,start doing if from today.
If you have a goal in mind,then strike for it from today.
You don't have to wait till new year to make changes.

For me,today is just another day like the rest.


Steroid. Yes or No?

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You can have that solid body in just 6 months with steroid.
But do you know what are the pros and cons of taking steroid?

Yes, taking steroid will make you bulk up faster.
But consider the side effects.

1. Testicular atrophy ( your ball size shrink due to halted production of testosterone )
2. Gynecomastia ( breast enlargement due to excessive estrogen in the body that was produced to balance the testosterone level)
3. Dianabol can cause water retention ( condition in which the body retains water)
4. Can cause the development of acne 
5. Aggression and increased violence, mania, and even psychosis. Although it´s highly rare (less than 5%)
6. Can possibly cause men to start balding if they have a genetic predisposition

There's a lot of side effect and still so many people use it?
It is because they have done research to a proper post cycle therapy.It is important so that you can recover from steroid cycle.

Don't get me wrong. I've stated lots of negative side effect.
But if you take it with the right procedure, everything will turn out just fine.
Just make proper research before you take any steroid,if you still want to take it.


How to get rid of facebook stalker

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1. he/she likes most of your post

2. he/she commented on most of your photos/wall post

3. he/she seems to know everything that you posted, your comment on others wall

If you've met the above condition, then you just got yourself a facebook stalker.
And how to get rid of them?
The answer is NO.
Yes, you cant get of rid of stalker.

If you seems to wondering why, its simple.
This is the Internet. No such thing as privacy.
Once you step into the world of the Internet, everything about you is googeable.

Even though you deactivate your facebook account, just need the right keywords
and everything about your will be listed on google search page.

maybe we should have a Stalker Day


2011 Wish

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May 2011 will be full of great adventures to all of us.


How to lose belly fat?

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this is belly fat

Belly fat is among the most stubborn fat that just won't go away.Most people have this problem and still don't know how to get back those flat tummy.To start off, just know that there's no proven exercise that will make you lose fat in certain area.

Most people will says,exercise. But, is it because lack of exercise that you gain belly fat,or is because you eat all-you-can-eat food? Here's some tips to lose belly fat.

1. Aerobic or cardio exercise are the best way to lose overall body fat. Running, swimming, cycling are great exercise to lose body fat.

2. Exercise alone won't do it. Remember, you are what you eat. So control you food intake. Take more fiber as fiber helps you a lot in reducing your belly fat problem.

3. Your overall daily diet is to eat more protein and good fats, and take less carbohydrate.

4. You should be sleeping around 7-8 hours daily

5. Discipline to maintain above steps until you reach your goal as talk is much more easier than to do it.

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